2 Center Road Old Saybrook CT 06475
Phone Number
Attention Schedule
Monday to Friday 8am-5pm
Temporary hours
Saturdays 8am-4pm
Sundays CLOSED

Express Detail

Full detail: $99.97

Express wax, interior super clean, carpet

Additional express compound: $39.99

Express Wax: $39.99

Wash, wax, outside windows, clean rims and
apply tire shine.

Additional express compound: $39.99

Interior Super Clean: $29.99

Vacuum all carpets and mats, clean and
dress console, dashboard, door panels,
clean inside windows.

Carpet Shampoo: $29.99

Vacuum and shampoo all carpets and mats

Full Service Wash: $27.00

Wash, dry, shine tires, vacuum interior, clean
inside and outside windows, wheel cleaning
door jambs.